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Your Problem:

Messy Reading Room


Not only does Dimity bring work home with her–she takes it to bed! Her small nightstand is crowded with paperwork, magazines, and books, plus the usual nighttime necessities.

Cluttered nightstand

Organized nightstand

Drawer divider

A drawer divided A slotted box is perfect for storing everything you take off or put on right before bed. such as eyeglasses, lip balm, night cream, and jewelry. Try this pale green Amenities Box (Asiaphile, $55). Or create your own by placing a utensil divider inside a shallow basket.

Clutter-busting boxes (that won’t break your budget!)

Bamboo File Box
Far East flair
Toss business cards, receipts, or loose change in a handcrafted Tan Bamboo Rectangular Box.

LacquerWare Box
Colorful cubes
A LacquerWare Box holds 12 CDs or keeps photos safe before they’re put in an album.

Folding Mesh Cubes
Folding Mesh Cubes
are perfect for storing makeup, hairbrushes, and other beauty buys

Author: Edgar, Jolene