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Your Problem:

Messy Bathroom

When you’re moving at 100 mph (and aren’t we all these days?), it’s no wonder that your kid’s misplaced permission slip or a lost lipstick (your favorite color, no less) can push you over the edge. To prevent such clutter-related catastrophes, we asked Linda Rothschild, founder and chief executive organizer of New York’s Cross It Off Your List, an organizing, relocation, and lifestyle management firm, to teach Redbook’s design director, Dimity Jones, how to tackle three mess zones in her home. The result? Dimity’s pad is now like a well-oiled machine–everything’s in its proper place (yep, even the lipstick) and running smoothly.


Bottles, brushes, and cleaning supplies are everywhere, and the sides of the sink are overloaded. As for Dimity’s vintage suitcase? “Cute as it is, it only serves as floor decor,” says Rothschild.


Invest in multipurpose units made with storage-skimpy bathrooms in mind.



Author: Edgar, Jolene