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Beat Bath Clutter

Tips for organizing a medicine cabinet and vanity

The master bath is where most of us begin our days. It’s best to make the time there as hassle-free as possible. “The last thing you want when you wake up with the sniffles is to be scrambling for the cough medicine,” says Linda Rothschild, above, a professional organizer in New York City. We tagged along with Rothschild to a home in Pittstown, New Jersey, where she brought swift order to an overtaxed medicine cabinet and bathroom vanity. Among the maxims heard that day: “just because it fits, doesn’t mean it works.” (In other words, don’t store necklaces in the medicine cabinet.) Read on to learn Rothschild’s other suggestions for organizing a bathroom, from above the vanity to under it’s sink.

Produced and written by Dan DiClerico Styled by Simone Uranovsky Photographed by Eric McNatt



expired products. Medicines are the obvious out-of-daters, but ven cosmetics have a shelf life – two years on average, through mascara can dry out after just three months


items by category. Everyday things, like razors and deodorant, belong on the easy-to-reach bottom shelf while little used (hopefully, anyway) first aid supplies go up top.


of oversize packaging and put goods in more compact containers. Six-ounce acrylic cups, for instance, take up less space then bulky Q-tips boxes, plus they are easier to access.


breakables, such as glass perfume bottles and cosmetics jars, as well as any delicate jewelry, to a vanity drawer. This will prevent accidents and reduce clutter in the cabinet.



zones for supplies kept under the sink – say, one for personal hygiene products, another for toilet paper and stock items, and a third for cleaners and disinfectants.


storage devices that maximize awkward spaces. Adjustable undersink shelves fit around pipes, while pullout baskets keep like items together and slide in and out on runners for easy access.


multiples of the same product in clear containers. Not only does this ward off clutter but it allows you to take inventory easily and avoid buying duplicates.


items on countertops to a few everyday essentials and decorate with an unobtrusive floral arrangement or low-profile aromatic candle.


Expand-A-Drawer vanity organizer. $14. Organize-It: 800-210-7712, organizes-it.com. Bath-turn rotating cabinet. $114, Topdeq; 866-876-3300, topdeq.com. Hair-care organizer. $7. The Container Store; 888-266-8246, containerstore.com. Undersink shelving unit. $15. Clever Gear; 800-829-2685, clevergear.com