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A personal organizer with a gigabyte of memory and a smile.

If your closets are black holes and your filing system is essentially random, even the idea of getting help can be overwhelming. But there’s hope for the organizationally challenged. “The concept of re creating one’s space is terrifying for a lot of people,” says Linda Rothschild, a petite woman who arrives like a pixie and transforms chaos into order.

For $75 an hour, the staff of Linda’s company, Cross It Off Your List, will organize your desk disarray at work or set up systems in your home, recommend space savers, even coordinate with a carpenter if necessary. All shoes go in one closet, keys go on a hook, receptacles are set up for mail and bills, and cosmetics are methodically arranged (if Rothschild did it for Naomi Campbell and Amber Valetta, she can do it for you).

Cross It Off Your List also has a service for that nightmare of nightmares: moving. And the client doesn’t even have to be there. Rothschild relocated one movie-star couple while they were away on location, creating neat new areas for everything, right down to the baby’s diapers.