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Professional organizers are ready to help clean up your mess

It’s mid-April, and our New Year’s resolutions to clean up our desks, clear out our closets and bring some order into our lives are still just that – resolutions.

But along come the professional organizer with ideas, solutions and tips.

One fothe superstars in the world of professional organizing is Linda Rothschild, the master mind behind Cross It Off Your List and Put It On Ours, a trendy New York City-based company that “provides services for people who don’t have time to do everything.”

Rothschild, a major mover and shaker with the National Association of Professional Organizer, helps people to move and organizes closets, file cabinets and kitchens.

She also specializes in space planning and has a staff of experts who help consumers pay bills, find apartments, contact movers, shop for gifts and even stand in line. If you need this kind of service to re-organize and unclutter your life, Rothschild can be reached at 212-725-0122.