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From your cluttered coffee table to your messy makeup bag, we’ve got the tips to help you streamline and savor your life.

By Christine Camean Garson & Amanda May

Getting dressed routine

“One of the biggest time-zappers for women in the morning is the ‘what should I wear today?’ question,” says Linda Rothschild, owner of Cross It Off Your List, a NYC-based home organizing service. Rothschild suggests creating a look-book board of favorite outfit options by inviting a stylish friend over one Saturday to help you put together ensembles and take Polaroid’s of the ones you love. Then, organize clothes by category and color, to cut down on time spent searching for your favorite red top. Invest in nice wooden hangers so that clothes are ready to wear right from the closet (wire hangers tend to ruin the shape of clothes). Finally, says Rothschild, a few storage boxes are the perfect hiding places for items that you rarely wear (or extra blankets for your bed).