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Cross It Off Your List is a team of move managers and organizing consultants whose first priority is to put your things in order, whether remaining in your present space or moving to a new one.  We’re continually gratified by the positive psychological and emotional benefits our clients receive.

Meet the members of our team below.

“After living with roommates in college, I became obsessed with living in an organized, clutter-free space. I now keep my own home so neat and organized, some people find it hard to believe I actually live there.”
– Tom, Organizer

“Being organized need not be boring or sterile, rather it can serve as a platform for productivity and style.”
– Wendi, Organizer

“All of my friends remember how I would organize their closets and drawers during sleepovers when I was younger.  When I told them that I’d found my dream job – organizer – they knew immediately what it was!  To this day, I am still their go-to source for organizing advice.”
Mariel, Organizer

“The serenity you gain from an organized home is priceless. I am passionate about helping our clients find that peace of mind.”
– Allison, Organizer

“Although, I may deal with the boring stuff in business, I’d like to think I add a little spice to the CIOYL team. Coming from a family of lawyers, accountants, and bookkeepers, I came on board in search of a creative family who has one goal in mind, to provide elite service with a whole lot of heart.”
– Angela, Financial Organizer

“For years I kept binders of favorite articles I ripped from magazines. But when I moved to a tiny apartment, I needed a new solution.  I now scan and save them by category. Need a coffee cake recipe or a party playlist? I have at least three of each!”
Kimberly, Client Services